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Rick [Crazy Chicken]... Did she like it?

Jennifer... Thank you so much, that was great. Yes loved it! Thanks again. Shared the video all over Facebook.

Happy (late) boss's day to you Miqui Stedman!! To show our appreciation for all you do for us, we ordered you a singing chicken!! We love you! You're truly amazeballs!

Posted by Cindy Reding on Friday, October 23, 2015



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Rick [Dude Disco]... Well did he like it? You? Thoughts? :)
Jamie... Yes that was great! He had a huge grin afterwards. Thank you so much! You sounded great!

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Rick [Cupid]... Chris, I think Lisa liked the songs! Let me know... Thank you again!
Chris... Ah man, she loved it and said it moved here to tears! I know my mom was there. I think what you do is really cool! Thank you so much!

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Rick [Cupid]... All done. Embarassed and surprised! Let me know how turned out? Thanks! - Cupid
Ben... She [Mollie] called laughing. Much better than flowers she'll always remember it! Thanks cupid!

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Rick [Elvis]... Thank ya. Thank ya very much. Hope she [Mom] enjoyed it. Let me know...
Kristin... She loved it... thanks! I will tell everyone about your business! ... I'll be a reference.

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Rick [Singing Chicken]... Thanks Jason! I think Tyler was surprised and embarrassed.
Jason... Yes he definitely was... Thank you very much... Job well done!

Other Feedback responses...

Rick showed up exactly on time and proved to be very reliable.  The timing couldn't have been any better!  It was what any service should be. He showed up right on schedule, hit a homerun with the performance and it was a hit right out of the gate with everyone in attendance! Everybody just loved the performance.  There was quite a crowd considering the venue, but Rick performed like a champ. I was honestly kind of nervous how it would turn out but after seeing the performance, I was a believer!  I WILL be booking him again, count on it! Considering the outcome of the performance and how good it makes people feel, the price is WELL worth booking.  I would do it again in a heartbeat! Quite honestly, I think it's a GREAT price considering the memories it has provided.  Book him now before he hits Vegas and doesn't come back! I was impressed with the singing ability and the Elvis outfit was hilarious!  I am amazed at the wide array of songs that he is apparently capable of doing. Be it for ten minutes or two hours, I can't say that I would change a thing.  Great bang for the buck!  Anyone who books Rick for whatever occasion will not be disappointed. Rick was very accommodating and made the entire experience of booking the event a pleasure. Courteous and helpful every step of the way made this an incredible investment.  Where else can you pay so little and get memories that will last for a VERY long time? I thought everything was great and I look forward to booking a performance with them again and SOON!  The performance was short but sweet. Thanks a million, Rick!  -- Clayton Lindsey (for his wife, Brandy's 27th birthday) 

Thank you Rick!  She loved it, and was totally embarrassed, which is perfect!  Thank you again for making this happen last minute, she needed some good laughs.   Best of luck to you and your business, I will refer you to my friends and use you again sometime!  Take care. - Lisa

LOL thank you SO MUCH Rick! He called me and was laughing so hard you defintely made his day and mine!! You are awesome love the pic!!! - Cortney


She was totally surprised. Probably the best money I have spent this year. My brothers and I were not able to join her for her 60th birthday but you filled in nicely as Willie Nelson! Thanks again Rick! You provide a great service my friend! -- Joe

Rick, Thanks so much!!! There is truly no better gift than the gift of embarrassment!!! It [The Chicken] was awesome! I had someone videotape it for me so I could see his face! You did such a great ! Thanks for making his 30th birthday one for the books! -- Hallie Vogel

Oh My, Rick.  It was definitely a hit.  I've been getting comments from all his coworkers and he was very surprised. The picture... I think is absolutely priceless.  Thank you so much for everything, I think it was flawless - I can't wait to see the video. I'll be sure to use you for any of my embarrassment needs in the future.  Thanks Again.  -- Hannah

Elvis did an awesome job, and was the talk of the party.  Great singing voice and professionally done. I now believe that ELVIS LIVES! -- Bob Werner (surprise for his wife Carol)

Everyone loved your appearance at the [Jeff's] birthday party.  In fact, after we all went back to our home later that night, we were still commenting on it! You are a great entertainer!" Thank you very much"  for helping make Jeff's birthday bash a success!  Jeff & I were wondering if you would be interested in coming back again. We have our company Christmas party and we would love to include you in that evening's festivities.  --  Deb Hansen (Jeff Hansen's 50th birthday party).

Thanks Rick, Great Job!  I got a call from Sarah after you left and she was a good sport, wasn't she?  I really appreciate the pictures too, thank you for the keepsakes, I can't wait for everyone to see them!  You are in a great business, making people smile.  Awesome job, thanks again.  -- Stephanie Barker (friend of Sarah's) 

Very entertaining.  Very funny.  Would be great for any special day sing a gram.   I loved it,  keep up the good work!!! -- Allan Robuck (Elvis impersonator from Knoxville, IA)

Hey Rick! -- Thanks for coming!   We all had a blast and we have you to THANK FOR THAT!  Your Elvis impersonation was great... and so was everything else. You're already invited for next year!  Our gross total is looking like it'll be over $59K!  -- Tyler Weig - Community Relations, Iowa Region - American Cancer Society

Yes it was great! He was very surprised and I don't think I have ever seen him get that awkward! Thank you so much! It was great! She [wife] loved it [Johnny Cash Singing Telegram]! Thanks! -- Dirk Christensen


Instant Text feedback...

Rick [Elvis]... I thank ya! I thank ya very much! Did Wade like it?
May... He did! Thank you so much! You did such a great job! I hope to get to use your service again...

Rick, You are the best far better than the rest! Jada absolutely loved your songs and was equally impressed with the difficulty of the songs. You touched her heart. Your customer service is outstanding. You are prompt, polite and courteous. Very impressed with your follow up phone call and a simple Thank You for your business. I will without a doubt recommend your services to any one that is interested! I will definitely use your services in the future! Jada and I live miles apart but Thank You for putting a smile on her face for Valentine's Day! It is the perfect way to let someone know that you really love them as I do Jada. Thanks -- Jody

Rick, my mom loved it. Awesome job. Thanks. I'm excited for the next one. -- Jeff

UPDATE on Jeff... Rick, this is Jeff. The phonegrams were great. Nice work. I'll definitely use you in the future. - Jeff

SHE LOVED IT!! Your phone-gram might be my new favorite birthday present to give to people! - Angela Reece






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