We had a blast at our reception.  Rick played all of our songs that we had picked and never played the types of music we didn't like.  He was very professional and accommodating to our guests requests.  He kept the party going right until the end.  We would definitely recommend Showtime to anyone!  The music was awesome and Rick really judged how our guests were feeling.  I danced so much my feet were swollen the next day!!!  The sound and quality of the music was fantastic.  The lighting was fun too!  You did a great job gauging the crowd and what they wanted.  You played some awesome music all night!  Fabulous, fantastic, super, awesome, and excellent!  It was worth every penny!  -- Kari & Chris Mayo

I talked to Dad and Mary last night and they were both very impressed.  They said you were very professional and responsible.  They were impressed by the number of people that danced.   Dad has been to other events where no one danced at all.  We thought you were very entertaining and everything flowed very smoothly.  You kept the kids entertained with the music and bubble machine and that was very important as it was a very long day for them.  The music you played met their expectations.  The volume was just what they wanted and the variety that you played at dinner and during the dance was perfect!!  It was definitely a fun night for all ages and very organized.  The equipment was wonderful -- definitely state-of-the-art and high-quality.  The kids loved the lighting and bubbles!!  Well as usual, Dad said you could have been cheaper, but also said you were worth every penny.  As you know, we did not shop around as we knew that you provided excellent service from past experience.  It was great knowing we had someone dependable and did not have to worry at all....that makes it worth the money!  Dad was very impressed by your flexibility and professionalism.  I know he talked to you and changed the first song and then you helped MC the presentation of farm "gifts" to Mary.  You took requests and played them in a timely manner and stuck to the music style that the crowd wanted to hear.  It was a superb night of entertainment!  The overall service was excellent and outstanding.  More than I think that Mary and Dad could have ever imagined.  The variety of music was perfect and met their wants/needs for the crowd in attendance.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Thanks again for your flexibility and cutting your vacation a little short to serve us.  We greatly appreciate it!  -- Denise Pierson (c/o Tom & Mary Manning Wedding)

It was extremely helpful that you communicated with us during the reception.  No matter how well something is planned it is easy to get caught up in the reception and forget about the chain of events.  You did an amazing job at picking music to keep the hype up, but also to play slow songs.  You did great at setting the different moods.  Your pictures were great... you were taking pictures when the night was getting "interesting".  This was way past my photographer.  They were priceless!  You caught everything!  All the time you played for us was great!  Very worthwhile and a great deal for the cost!  Overall, it was great.  -- Shannon & Jeremy Magill

It was a great night for everyone.  Music was enjoyable and a good variety.  I believe all requests were taken.  The lighting was great and the sound was almost like being at a concert.  Thank you.  The price was very reasonable and worth every penny.  Thank you for the discount.  By Far The Best.  I was very satisfied with the music and performance.  You did a very good job on getting people out there to dance and everybody loved the music and games.  Thank you for making our wedding night wonderful.  -- Jody Cochran

Rick was on time and honored the price that he quoted to us eight months before the wedding.  He was very professional, entertaining and not overbearing.  Music was perfect... exactly what we asked for.  Music and lights were just fine... we did not ask for anything special.  [Price was] very, very reasonable, it was the reason we booked our wedding with you and we would again.  -- Jan McMahill (mother of bride)

You did a fabulous job at our reception.  I could not be happier!  Thanks again for a job well done!  I thought Rick was very professional and did a wonderful job.  He was respectful and played a lot of the music that I had requested, and none of the things that I said I didn't want.  Did just what I asked, with specialty dances and type of music.  Good job.  Sounded great.  Very reasonable [rates], willing to work with me.  Well worth the money.  You [stuck] to the things that I wanted and followed through.  You were not overbearing or annoying at any time; very appropriate and fit the mood well.  Thanks so much! -- Stephanie McConney

Hi Rick, thank you for everything – our guests had a great time and they appreciated your willingness to take requests too!  I think the lights were key too.  Service was accommodating.  Digital pictures were nice to have.  Thanks again.  -- Alissa Sarno

Hi Rick, thanks again for doing such a stellar job at the wedding.  Best.  -- Jay Corson

Friendly, fun, exciting, professional, experienced, considerate, entertaining, interactive, memorable, enjoyable, accommodating, polite, helpful, affordable... actually, it really was great!  Karaoke was great... you were available for duets... microphone during ceremony... special deal, discount, bargain, worth every penny, value-added... Things doing right... music, playing special requests, karaoke, knowledge of wedding protocol, great DJ!  I thought the overall service was great.  You made sure everyone had a good time, you were accommodating to all requests, you made dancing fun, you were helpful in helping details fall into place when the bride & groom didn't know what should come next.  It was fun for older adults, younger adults & little children.  It was "practically perfect in every way".  I thought the music was great & Elizabeth told me that you were extremely helpful in letting her know what "should" happen next, because she had no idea about a lot of general wedding practices.  Chad also was very happy with everything.  Thank you again for doing music for the wedding.  -- Kelli Faidley (mother of Groom)

All I can say is everyone had a great time so I would rank you extremely high on your services.  You were great to work with and we will refer you to anyone that we know may be getting married in the near future (or have other events).  Thank you for making our day that much better.  -- Ben & Nicole Perkins

Rick was a great DJ/Karaoke master!  The reception was a little smaller than expected and things not very scheduled, but Rick did a great job of improvising (along with us) on the day.  He was very flexible and had some great helps and hints.  Music selection was great.  I love singing karaoke (and so does my son & daughter)  I think that the karaoke itself was an unusual & surprising wedding reception "thing" for some.  The sound was leveled nicely and I think everyone had a good time.  The "background" music at the beginning was much nicer than just "quiet".  We had the simplest of things and it was most appropriate for the afternoon reception.  I was very pleased with everything.  My daughter & son had a great time singing (as did I with my daughter).  We love to sing and karaoke was just the ticket.  The "new" books were very nice.  We feel that we got our money's worth from Showtime.  If the occasion ever arises again to use your services, we know whom to contact.  Their overall attitude about our reception.  Even though it was smaller than planned, Rick made it feel like that was the most important thing that he had to do that day.  Rick gave us the best service from the beginning of the contract information gathering to our event.  I never felt that I was intruding and taking him away from some other bigger/better event.  He understood the simple things that we wanted to do and didn't press us to "better" the deal.  We appreciate the professional manner in which he conducted himself (and he does a pretty good "Elvis")!!!  Thanks again!!  -- Cinde & Randy Houseman

Showtime Entertainment was affordable and accommodating.  We were able to get a great price on short notice and had a very fun time.  The music was fun and exactly what we asked for.  By Far The Best.  -- Joel Havick

Rick, Thank you for everything you did for our ceremony & reception.  From the setup of the sound system, mic checks and rehearsal for our singers, to the music everyone walked in to and the actual ceremony, you transitioned everything as beautifully as someone would transition music with scenes from a movie.  Thank you for helping to set the mood at the theater and maintaining the elegant illusion we were so hoping for.  Thank you for all that you did at the reception, as well!  You amazed us both with how smoothly you handled our entrances, the special dances, MC'ing the cake-cutting, speeches and of course the dance.:)  We had a great time!  We were so glad to hear you were available for the date of our wedding.  From the moment we began our planning, we would not have wanted anyone but you to handle the music for our special day.  You were there the night we met, Rick, and it seemed so fitting to have you there on the day we wed.  We would not have wanted it any other way.  Thanks for being such a terrific friend and for helping to make our wedding day a day to remember and cherish for the rest of our lives.:) -- Dave & Dawn Fenneman

Service was friendly, fun, professional, entertaining, interactive, affordable and enjoyable.  Everyone had a blast and enjoyed that you showed them the dances.  Music was organized, requests were taken, volume was controlled and fun for all ages.  Played something for everyone.  Sound and lighting was state of the art and high quality.  Nick loved the Star Trek music you found for him!  As for additional services, the digital photos turned out better than some we took.  Showed up on time.  Announced what was going on.  Acted professionally.  Nothing to improve, you did everything just right!  Great job!  Everyone had a lot of fun.  -- Amanda & Nick Floros

We were thrilled with Showtime Entertainment.  Rick was very nice, professional and very easy to get along with.  We met with him before our event to discuss details and he was very helpful and open to our ideas.  The music was great, he played the types of music that we wanted and avoided those that we asked him to.  He granted everyone's request almost immediately.  He did a great job reading our crowd and choosing music that appealed to everyone.  The music and sound quality was great.  Not too soft and not too loud.  We added on digital pictures that the DJ took - these are especially nice since our photographer left around 9pm and the dance didn't end until 12am.  The price was reasonable - Rick earned every penny we paid him.  If you want quality and experience you have to pay for it... especially with a wedding.  The DJ can make or break your party... Rick definitely made it a very memorable event for us, we had the best wedding ever!  They are doing everything right - Rick was an awesome DJ.  Showtime is an awesome DJ service, they are very personable and helpful and take your event as seriously as you do.  They ensure everything goes smoothly and in a timely manner.  I had a number of guests comment on what wonderful music we had at our reception, and what a great DJ we had.  Thank you so much for making our wedding memorable!  We had a wonderful time at our wedding - so many of our guests said what a great job you did... granted we had a great crowd that loved to dance (and drink)... I think we could have gone all night!  :)  I have a lot of friends that should be getting married in the next couple years in Des Moines, I will definitely recommend you - you were great!  Thanks again Rick - you made our reception wonderful - we had the best day!!  -- Erin & Dustin Rasmus

We were very impressed with how perfect everything seemed to be.  From the cake cutting, to the first dance, to the last song of the evening, everything seemed to flow so smoothly.  Many of our guests commented on the wonderful song choices and professionalism of the DJ service.  We never had to worry about telling the DJ what to do/play next as he had everything organized.  The music couldn't have been better, as evidenced by the large crowd that was always on the dance floor!  The dinner music was exactly what we had asked for and every song we requested to be played during the reception was played.  One guest had requested a song that we had requested not be played at our reception.  The DJ ensured we were asked if it was ok if the song was played before playing it for our guest-we were very impressed with this.  The quality of the music was excellent and volume controlled.  The equipment, including the karaoke was state of the art.  The DJ started karaoke at the perfect time during the reception and did a wonderful job of mixing in karaoke with dance music.  The karaoke equipment was high-quality and our guests enjoyed having this feature at our wedding reception.  We was lucky enough to receive a 50% off discount at the wedding convention we had attended.  It was definitely a steal as we would have easily paid full price for this service.  With so many things to worry about on your wedding day, it was wonderful to just sit back and relax and let the DJ run the show!  I would recommend your service to anyone (and actually already have!).  You made our wedding reception exactly the way we wanted it to be, and played songs we knew our guests would enjoy.  So many of our guests have stated that our reception was the best wedding reception they had ever attended.  As many of us know, the DJ service at a wedding can either make or break the reception-your DJ service helped make our night perfect and flawless.  The overall service of Showtime Entertainment was impeccable, well organized, entertaining, and memorable.  The night could not have gone any smoother and I owe all of my thanks for Showtime Entertainment!  -- Jessica Schaack

Having Deb as our wedding reception DJ made it an unforgettable event.  She was very fun, friendly, and accommodating at all times.  I knew that I wanted Showtime to do my reception from the day that I got engaged because of the experience and professional manner in which they do things.  A wide variety of music was played in order to make the evening enjoyable and fun for all ages.  Deb did a great job of playing the ice-breakers and specialty dances to keep people out on the dance floor all night.  The equipment is very state-of-the-art and has high-quality sound.  The karaoke option was extremely fun and gave my husband and I the chance to experiment with our first duet!  Based on the services provided and the price of the competitors that I know don't even compare to the quality of Showtime, the price we paid was an absolute steal!  Everything was right!  Overall, our wedding reception was all I hoped it would be and more.  It was absolutely perfect and a big part of that had to do with the fact that Showtime was the provider of our entertainment!  -- Brian & Terri Lowe

We were so pleased with Showtime Entertainment from my first meeting with Rick.  He is very friendly and accommodating.  Rick obviously loves his job and made every effort to ensure that our reception would be perfect.  He wanted to know about us, our "group", and different types of music that we enjoy.  He is very experienced and professional.  The music at our reception was absolutely perfect!  I was really wanting a fun atmosphere where people would dance and enjoy themselves.  My parents and other guests commented on how fun the music was and that they had never been to a reception where so many people danced.  It was fun for everyone of all ages.  Rick was accommodating to guest requests and he stuck to my "do not play" list!  The equipment seemed to be state-of-the-art and I was especially impressed with the computer.  The music was programmed and ready to go and it was great quality.  I called a few other dj's to compare prices and Rick was very competitive and affordable.  We feel fortunate that Rick was available and at such a bargain.  Rick was very friendly and accommodating and made our reception a great party!  We have no complaints.  The only thing that made us sad was when the party had to end.  I, the bride, literally danced for 4 hours straight - it was the best reception I've ever been too.  All our friends who flew up from Texas had a great time and appreciated the ending song, "God Bless Texas!"  Thank you Rick!  We really appreciate you and your company.  -- Darcy & Jason Wold

Rick was very friendly.  He stayed late at the request of the guests.  He helped provide a flow to the reception.  He helped make it a fun night.  The music played made the reception fun for all ages.  There was a wide variety and all requests were fulfilled.  The sound system was very good.  We did not request any add on services but Rick did allow a guest to karaoke.  After checking around it became evident that Showtime's prices were very reasonable.  We also received a discount because our wedding reception was held on a Sunday.  Rick was a very friendly guy who appeared to have a great time doing his job which is important.  He fulfilled everyone's requests at our discretion and made the event fun for all ages.  I felt the service Rick provided was very good.  He played a variety of music from all sorts of different genres.  He helped get the audience into it as the night went on.  He also allowed a friend to take over the stage for a short while.  It was a success.  -- Elizabeth Allison

It was great!  Everything went smoothly and everyone was dancing all night!  There was a wide variety and all requests were taken.  The dance floor was never empty.  Everything sounded great.  Price was very reasonable.  We received a discount because our event was on a Friday, but it would definitely have been worth the regular Saturday price.  Everything was great!  Rick was very professional and accommodating.  Once again, it was wonderful!  -- Abby Moore

Ceremony:  The music played during the ceremony was perfect, just what I wanted.  The right volume and flowed nicely.  Reception:  I thought the service, was smooth flowing, professional and fun.  Wide variety of music played, kept the crowd interested.  Everything was great, very high quality.  Pricing was reasonable for the professionalism displayed.  I liked how I didn't have to worry about anything, you did everything perfect.  Great service, thought Rick did a great job.  -- Deon Kensett

Rick did a great job at our wedding.  He was an excellent MC, handling all of the traditional wedding activities for us and keeping everything moving at a good pace so that we would have maximum time for karaoke.  We really enjoyed working with Rick and felt like he was another guest rather than hired help.  Everyone commented on how fun the wedding reception was, we are thankful to Rick for helping to put on a good "party".  We would definitely contact Showtime for any future DJ needs and would recommend Showtime to friends.  Great Karaoke selection.  We loved the words projected on the screen for all our guests.  Price was reasonable, definitely worth the expense.  Very friendly and professional.  -- Trent & Cindy Malven

Rick.  Just wanted to thank you for such an excellent job taking care of everything last month on the 19th.  Very professional and a great price.  I'll recommend you to everyone in need.  Great DJ, Extremely smooth-flowing, easy to work with.  Music could NOT have been better!  Very Competitive and reasonable price.  -- Matt Klemm

Good Morning Rick!  I was just approached by one of the brides to be here where I work and she asked me a million questions about our wedding reception.  I let her know just how wonderful your company was to work with!  And what a spectacular job you did!  Especially the Mother son dance!  I still have people tell me how much fun they had dancing the night away!  Thanks again for helping make one of the most important days of our lives so special!  I have two other brides to be that I have given your name and contact information for weddings next year so hopefully they will contact you too!  -- Brenda Scearcy

Hundreds of more testimonials available upon request!!!

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